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Lingoversity is a language learning tool for Windows
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Lingoversity is a language learning tool for Windows. It has a few tools that could help users in the process of learning a foreign language. All of the modes are accessible from the main window that acts as a sort of launcher. The modes are Glossary, Learning Center, and Flashcards.

The application does include some sample Glossaries, but I think the user has to create or download content himself to use it with the other modes. In my testing, I set my native language to English and I told the application that I wanted to learn Spanish. When I opened the Glossary section, an English-only glossary was shown, which was very general. It had a list of alphabetically-sorted words with definitions for some of them. When I clicked on "+" button, a sample sentence was shown. This does a great job of showcasing how complete the glossary system is. It allows you to add entries and comments for each entry. It also shows the date at which each entry was created. From the same mode, you can access online dictionaries and use a tool for memorizing the terms.

The learning centre allows you to track your progress while learning a language. It is complete with achievements that should encourage you to work on your skills. In my case, there weren't any available lessons. So I think you might have to create them yourself. Also, for the achievements, I was unable to determine what had to be done to unlock them. I could only see the names they were given.

The third mode is Flashcards. These are the type of cards that we older people have used in the past to learn a specific lesson, but aimed at language learning. It seems that the user has to create these as well.

All in all, this app shows a lot of potential. There is some content included with the app and some can be downloaded from the website. I would like some on-screen help to let the user how everything works.

José Fernández
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  • Great tool for creation of glossaries
  • Awesome interface
  • Learning centre is a great idea
  • Good samples


  • It could use some on-screen help
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